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Did Robredo Benefit from Vote-Shaving in Basilan?

By Sass Rogando Sasot

Guest writer for Mindavoices






Madame Vice President, 


I hope you stop doing this. You need to keep your remaining integrity intact. The results in a lot of districts in BASILAN, the vote shaving/inflating capital of the Philippines, are UNBELIEVABLE. 

I’ll believe it if you can explain convincingly why you received this overwhelming result in Tuburan, Basilan:

Robredo 94.56%

Marcos 1.65%

Cayetano 1.69%

Escudero 0.59%

Honasan 1.16%

Trillanes 0.34%


…and not in your own bailiwick Naga City, which you said was better than Davao City:

Robredo 88.78%

Marcos 5.80%

Cayetano 2.07%

Escudero 2.28%

Honasan 0.60%

Trillanes 0.44%


I would expect you to get the Tuburan result in Naga City, just like how Duterte got it in his own bailiwick, Davao City:

Duterte – 96.59%

Roxas – 1.18%

Binay – 0.52%

Santiago – 0.26%

Poe – 1.42%

Seneres – 0.01%


…just like how Marcos Jr got that same overwhelming result in one of his bailiwicks, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte:

Marcos 95.85%

Robredo – 2.07%

Cayetano – 0.47%

Escudero – 1.04%

Honasan – 0.28%

Trillanes – 0.26%


In your case, you didn’t receive that overwhelming support in your OWN bailiwick, but in Tuburan, Basilan, which is part of the vote shaving/inflating capital of the Philippines. So, why does Tuburan love you more than Naga City loves you? 

I still feel that you don’t have anything to do with it, but if you keep on defending Aquino, you’ll suffer. 

Remember what happened to Zubiri?

Hey Buddy, Have You Seen My Keys?…

Once upon a time there was a drunk who was searching for his car keys under a street lamp. A policeman comes over and, after being told of the situation, decides to help the guy look for his keys. They search and they search – and find nothing. Finally, the cop asks the man this is really  where he dropped them. The drunk replies, “Nope. It fell over there, but it is so much brighter here.”

The situation sounds absurd when presented as a joke, but the punchline turns tragic when you consider that this is exactly how voters act when they choose the better packaged, and presumably more popular Binay, over the less charismatic, but infinitely more honest , Mar Roxas. What’s worse is that, while we often attribute this voting pattern with the “uneducated” masses, there is a significant number of supposedly enlightened Filipinos who continue to support Binay’s candidacy, not from ignorance, but because they know perfectly well which side of their bread is buttered.

Like the contrast between light and darkness, those hoping to continue the path to reform have aligned themselves against the return to the old, corrupt ways being advocated by Binay.