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Is the Liberal Party Deliberately Sabotaging Leni Robredo?

Stabbed in the back?

There are a lot of speculations swirling around the real reasons why the Liberal Party was not able to meet the deadline for the filing of its Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE) during the last elections. This is fueled by the observations of many who find it incomprehensible that a major party like the LP would be unable to comply with this very basic requirement the country’s election laws. 

While the party is trying to quell these rumors by pointing to the voluminous receipts and documents it has to file, there are many who refuse to accept this as a valid reason. Particularly since other parties and candidates were able to comply with the requirements.

One particularly interesting scenario has to do with the deliberate sabotage of the Liberal Party leadership of Leni Robredo because of in-fighting among their ranks. It can be recalled that there was even a news report early in the campaign about an alleged LP plan to for Robredo for Chiz Escudero (http://news.abs-cbn.com/halalan2016/nation/02/25/16/lp-to-drop-robredo-palace-downplays-rumors). According to sources within the LP, those running Robredo’s campaign were never really part of the political circle of Mar Roxas. 

“It is common knowledge that Robredo’s team was made up of the people behind the NoyBi campaign of 2010, disgruntled former Roxas staffers, Aquino relatives, and other groups that supported PNoy but who are not for Mar.” Among the identified personalities who helped Robredo were Maria Montelibano, Paul Aquino and son Sen. Bam Aquino, and political analyst Malou Tiquia, among others.

This divide within the administration tandem got bigger during the campaign, highlighted by the fact that both Robredo and Roxas were known to make separate deals for their individual candidacies with local government officials. In one particularly glaring example, Robredo accepted the endorsement of Bukidnon kingpin Jose Zubiri, despite the fact that he was also endorsing Davao Mayor Rody Duterte.

This and other similar backdoor channeling did not sit well with Roxas’ team, which now seeks to exact revenge by making Robredo squirm.

But what the bright boys of LP did not account for was the widespread damage that their actions was going to cause among other winning party candidates. In typical LP shortsightedness, they apparently forgot that what happens to Robredo also has the same effect on their senators all the way down to councilors.

And so while the nation waits for the Comelec to make a decision, the LP once again stands as an example of how some people can be a victim if their own malice and incompetence.

Hey Buddy, Have You Seen My Keys?…

Once upon a time there was a drunk who was searching for his car keys under a street lamp. A policeman comes over and, after being told of the situation, decides to help the guy look for his keys. They search and they search – and find nothing. Finally, the cop asks the man this is really  where he dropped them. The drunk replies, “Nope. It fell over there, but it is so much brighter here.”

The situation sounds absurd when presented as a joke, but the punchline turns tragic when you consider that this is exactly how voters act when they choose the better packaged, and presumably more popular Binay, over the less charismatic, but infinitely more honest , Mar Roxas. What’s worse is that, while we often attribute this voting pattern with the “uneducated” masses, there is a significant number of supposedly enlightened Filipinos who continue to support Binay’s candidacy, not from ignorance, but because they know perfectly well which side of their bread is buttered.

Like the contrast between light and darkness, those hoping to continue the path to reform have aligned themselves against the return to the old, corrupt ways being advocated by Binay.