Duterte Makes Peace While Robredo Prepares for War

While President-elect Duterte and his team are busy with forging a peace agreement with the communist party of the Philippines and ending a decades-long insurgency that has claimed thousands of Filipino lives, the team of in coming Vice President Leni Robredo and their allies in the media are preoccupied with making a fuss over the separate inauguration ceremonies for the two newly elected officials.

In trying to make a mountain out of this molehill – or more appropriately a shit pile – Robredo and her cohorts are showing just how petty and small-minded they are in the face of the greater socio-economic challenges facing the nation. It is no wonder then that her running mate was soundly trounced, and she herself barely scraping enough votes from vote-buying to get a win in the recently held elections.

And while the media wants to paint the decision of Duterte in political colors, the fact of the matter is really much more mundane – there just aren’t enough seats in Malacanang to hold all the guests if both the President and Vice President are inaugurated at the same time.

This information was already conveyed to Mindavote a few days before the formal announcement of the inaugural arrangements. According to our source the President-elect stuck to his original pronouncement of wanting to hold the event in Malacanang. This of course posed several logistical problems, not the least of which was the limited – only 500 seats – capacity of the venue. This meant that after all the mandatory invitations have been sent out – to the diplomatic core, the senate president and speaker of the house, cabinet secretaries, etc – there were only a little more than 100 invitations left for the President and Vice President, and their families and personal guests. 

This is why it was decided to hold the event separately, to allow each of them to celebrate it in a way that was both significant and meaningful to them. But of course, this kind of simple and sincere reasoning does not fit the narrative that the media wants to portray – that of a divisive and dictatorial President Duterte. 

Then again, this isn’t like the old days when all the news and information had to pass, and was controlled by the traditional media. People can now get the truth from other sources and make their own informed opinion.

37 thoughts on “Duterte Makes Peace While Robredo Prepares for War”

  1. What can we expect with the evil cinderella? Why, even her daughters are expecting themselves to be big deals! They want attention, they want the power. They want to be the President more than the VP.


  2. Ironic. This article states that it is against media bias. But it is bias against Robredo. Just look at the title. Hypocrite! Is it the gracious Leni’s fault if the media hates the vulgar Duterte? C’mon.


    1. There is no irony because we are not, nor have we ever been a “media” outlet. This is a blog that is pro-mindanao and pro-duterte. Unlike ABSCBN, The Inquirer, Philippine Star, etc… We do not operate under the pretense of some sort of journalistic standards – yet violate those same standards for the flimsiest of reasons. If those “media outlets” you refer too would come out and say what you yourself admit – that they don’t like duterte – then that is the first true thing they would print and or broadcast in a long time.


      1. Then castigate the media, not Leni. That way, you’re not eating your words. If you’re really concerned about Duterte or our country, why are you so keen on making false statements against Leni? You’re just trying to divide the nation instead of helping all of us move forward from the nasty elections.


      2. wait, didnt you just call duterte vulgar? And leni gracious? You also vey obviously have a bias against duterte and a hard on for robredo, If you dont like what you read here, then go start your own blog.


      3. You accuse us of dividing the nation when it is Robredo’s supporters who are calling for a boycott against the President-elect. You say we have a bias when it is the media allies of Robredo who insist on painting the President-elect in the worst possible light. You say you want to move on from the “nasty elections” yet choose to subjectively characterize duterte as “vulgar” and robredo as “gracious.” Like we said earlier, we are pro duterte – and we do not pretend to be anything else. We are not the hypocrite here – you are. Admit your bias, stand up for it, fight for it, live with it – and maybe then you will earn our respect. But of you just continue to preach false unity, then go spread your lies somewhere else.


      1. Uhmm, Yes it is. That has already been established a while back. And so unless you are reading impaired, we suggest that you simply go back to the earlier comments on this thread to see where the conversation is at right now, and you can jump off from there. It will save us all the time and effort that could be spent doing something more productive.

        But just in case you would rather have the cliffs notes version, here’s the summary – YES, THIS IS A BLOG AND IT IS A BLOG THAT SUPPORTS DUTERTE. Now, do you have any other point to make, or were you just trying to be cute?


      1. tama. shut up na lng kasi cla. bitter lng kasi cla ksi may social media na. di na nila basta mauuto mga tao. palibhasa kasi mga journalist feeling nila cla na tama parati. e di naman na reregulate yang mga yan e. unlike any other professionals dumadaan muna sa PRC. e ang mga journalist? cno nagkokontrol sa kanila??????


  3. The lie that you are for unity. Because you are obviously not for duterte. So how can you unify your dislike for him and your supposed desire to end the nastiness. Your pretense of wanting unity is a lie, plain and simple. And so you are a hypocrite as well, for saying something that you dont really mean.

    And by the way, vulgarity is a matter of taste, and therefore subjective. Subjectivity is not a fact, never has been, never will be. Its an opinion – and there is nothing wrong with that – so long as you can live with yours. Like we do with ours. Which is that – we do not like leni, we believe she is a lying, manipulative, scheming woman who cheated her way to the vice presidency. Again, that is an opinion – we do not say it is a fact – it is our opinion. You don’t like it, dont read it.


  4. At least I’m stating facts. Not hearsay or opinion. And don’t hide from the fact that you’re an independent blogger so you can say whatever you want. You know that your blog can reach anyone who can read and access the net. Be responsible enough. You can defend the president-elect by stating facts, instead of trying to make the VP-elect look bad. You’re stating an opinion, expect reactions. Otherwise, don’t start a blog. Just talk among yourselves.


    1. And what fact have you stated? That Leni is “gracious”? How in the world is that considered factual? Do you even know the difference between fact and opinion? The equation 1+1=2 is a fact, immovable, unarguable. The statement “Two is a small number” is an opinion based on the context on which the observation is made. In the same token, a person’s grace will always be a subjective opnion and never a fact. Now as far as opmions are concerned, you are entitled to yours as much we are entitled to ours. But your insistence that your opinions have the force of fact simply makes you delusional. If you want to express your opinions, that is your right that we have so kindly accomodated on our blog. But when you try to dictate to US what we should or should not say, then you are as full of yourself as that lady you seem to admire so much.


    2. And additionally – while the construction is a bit confusing when you wrote “don’t hide from the fact,” we take this to mean that you wanted to say was “don’t hide behind the fact” – we would just like to reiterate that we never did, never will. If you would only take the time to read what we have been saying from the very beginning of this thread – we are expressing our opinions on our own blog about our preferred topics. This, as far as we are concerned is part of free speech. We are not hiding behind our independence, on the contrary, we are glorifying in it. We are shouting it to the world. We are pro duterte and loving it. Is that clear enough for you now? Can you move on?

      But if this offends you and if you are really concerned about what people read and the irresponsibility of sharing opinions disguised mews, then we suggest that you take it up with those media outlets that have slogans like “balanced news, fearless views,” or “walang kinikilingan,” etc. They are the ones with a responsibility to be fair – which they are spectacularly failing at as far as we are concerned – AGAIN, WE DONT.


  5. “There just wasn’t enough seats in malacanang to hold all the guests….” Sana nag rent na lang chairs, or just sacrifice by reducing personal guests. Because it would have been a powerful symbol on espousing unity and starting healing. Sometimes, symbolic actions are very important because it inspires people. And we need inspiration because duterte cannot do it alone. He needs the people behind him, not just 16 million who voted him.


    1. To a certain degree, we agree with your statement that he needs to bring everyone together. But as far as the inauguration is concerned, from what we were told, it isnt just a matter of renting more chairs, but has to do with the size of the venue which can only comfortably sit around that number. There was a suggestion to hold it at the Quirino Grandstand, but this idea was reportedly shot down by the President-elect because he had already given his word to hold a simple inauguration ceremony. The problem is that too many people are reading political messages into the whole thing, and this is what’s causing the division.


  6. I love this word war so much just because the words of Leo are being shoved back down to his congested throat the moment he spat them out. Good job Mindanation. 😂😂😂


    1. Thank you. We normally do not engage people in a debate as we believe that everyone is free to voice their own opinion even if it is contrary tl our own. But we will never abide being told what we can or cannot say in our own blog. That is simple courtesy. It is like going to someone’s home and telling them how they should live.


  7. You can argue how it’s called. Sure. I’ll give you that. But, I know somewhere inside your head, you know what I meant. Mayor Duterte ‘catcalled’ and swears in public. Catcalling and swearing are vulgar acts. If you think otherwise, not my problem. Leni Robredo stated (repeatedly) that she will support the president-elect. Extending your hand for support is a gracious act. If you think otherwise, that’s your call. As you’ve said, it’s your blog, right? I’m not dictating how you should write your blog . I’m just reacting. I’m saying it’s biased and you said you really are biased for Duterte and against Robredo. And you’re proud of it. We agree on that, right?


    1. First of, thank you for “giving” us what we can put on our own blog. That is mighty generous of you. Second, I didnt know that aside from generousity, you can also read minds. God must love you so much for gifting you with so many blessings. Can you climb walls too and spin webs too?

      Third, the examples you cited, as I have been pointing out, their interpretation is a matter of opinion (Yours, Ours, Theirs, and Whoever elses) and not a fact as you keep insisting it is. This is the crux of our objection to your ‘reactions,’ that persist on saying that you are being factual when all that you’ve presented are your opinions of certain facts, and at the same time you criticize us for having our own opinions of those same facts.

      Fourth, as to not dictating what we should write, may I remind you thaf that is exactly the point of all this – you want us to moderate our opinion so that it is less for the ‘vulgar’ duterte and more for the ‘gracious’ leni.

      Lastly, and we really wonder why this still seems like a big shock to you considering that we’ve been repeating and repeating and repeating it – YES, THIS IS A PRO DUTERTE BLOG. If you are still in some doubt, kindly take the time and read ALL THE OTHER POSTS that are favorable to Duterte – whom we like – and critical of Roxas, Robredo, and all the other people we don’t. Again, if that offends you, please feel free to go to those blogs that share your OPINIONS.


  8. I rest my case. I apologize for invading the exclusivity of your blog. Peace! Especially for Mindanao. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


    1. The fact that you are free to comment belies your statement that this is an exclusive blog.

      We welcome all reactions, even those from people who hold contrary views, but we do reserve the right to call out and reply to those comments that we feel unduly infringes on our freedom to express our own opinions.


  9. June 29th, 2016.

    The room was not only filled with excitement, laughters and smiles. There was electricity in the air. There was energy and enthusiasm and hope. Unbridled hope. As the murmur of conversations floated to the incoming day, a tinkle of glass pierced the collective consciousness and silence enveloped the room. Only the deep breaths dared disturbed the pregnant anticipation.

    The President-elect cleared his throat and spoke. Without a teleprompter. Without notes. Without hesitation. Nothing barred.

    “My dear Filipinos, my official family, my partners in eradication of crime, my blood, my brethren. Thank you for accepting the challenge of bringing change to our people. A change that must be brought about at all cost because our people deserve no less. They wanted the elimination of graft and corruption. They wanted the elimination of drugs, of crimes, of murders, of rapes. They wanted the end of oligarch dominated economy, of non-existent opportunity for the poor and the marginalized, of the abuses perpetrated on our OFWs primarily by their own government, of the uncaring governance, of division, of insurgency, of hunger, of poverty. They wanted the dictum, if one is born poor, one will die poor to be relegated to the hopeless past.

    Our challenge is not only hard. It is close to impossible. But I have faith that you and I are up to the task and that if we fail, at least we will die trying.

    Temptations have crept up to our doorsteps. Controversies and manipulations by those who have enjoyed superiority and prosperity at the cost of each exploited Filipino have started to undermine our planned actions and resolve. They have spread doubt, malice and ridiculed our aims. The change for a new order of things have them scared and soon they would be like headless chickens knowing not where to hide. We must resist to fall into their traps, especially the trap of enrichment, of luxury, of corruption. Together, we must remain strong. In our division, capitulation is a matter of when.

    When I asked you to be my cabinet secretaries, my confidants, my true allies, I gave you nothing and I asked you for everything. Tonight, on the eve of our assumption to lead this nation, let me make a simple but a meaningful and an everlasting gift, the Kalis. The sword bequeathed by our brave forefathers to defend themselves from foreign invaders, a symbol of our bravery as a people, a testament to our everlasting desire for freedom not only from foreigners but also from threats within. This sword, I give as a testament more than anything else. Public service is a public trust. A broken public trust will make any one of us unable to be of public service. When that time comes, nothing will matter. Honor is paramount. For what is life without honor?

    Receive this Kalis as the seal of the Filipinos’ trust. And if that trust is lost, only this blade can regain it back.

    This is a gift and a weapon. A weapon against dishonor. If in my weakness and frailties, I dishonor myself and you, take this Kalis and end my miserable existence because at that point, I am already dead.

    If this gift is too much for you to bear, if the Filipino people’s trust is beyond your realm of commitment, refuse the gift and we part as friends. If you accept and adhere to what this symbolizes, to adhere to honor beyond this worldly existence, beyond life, my debt of gratitude until my dying day!”

    Digong Duterte surveyed the room with honesty and compassion only an over loaded President in need of all the help he can get would. Silence remained unbroken as the weight of his words sunk in. The measuring stick must now be met, commitment given must remain unbroken. To every one’s mind, the gargantuan task got a little heavier. Will their frail humanity be up to the task?

    “Help me, Filipinos! Our people deserve nothing less!”

    With that, he made the closed fist he was now famous for. Lightning flashed then the thunderous applause followed from those like him swore themselves to serve. To truly serve.

    The Kalis with their names on it was received.

    Digong looked out into the the darkness before the dawn of the new day, closed his eyes and said to himself: ” Death before dishonor”.

    His chosen heard and followed: ” Death before dishonor!”

    The Filipinos crossed their fingers and prayed and hoped.




    1. there is a missing element…and that is the acknowledgement of our president of the divine intervention of God in all this endeavor…He always mention God in all his talk…and that’s is why I admire him…


  10. Ang galing lang nung sagutan ni admin at Leo. Haha! Pero mas magaling sumagot si admjn. Mahusay. May pinag-aralan. May alam. May tapang. May utak. Bravo!

    To Leo, nagkamali ka lang ng blog na pinasukan. Maling mali.


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